David Hoffmeister ACIM Teacher

For over 35 years, ACIM teacher David Hoffmeister has been sharing the way to inner peace and the awareness of God’s Love through the teachings of Jesus in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and the Bible. While being very clear about the metaphysical principles, he never misses to point out that the real value of A Course in Miracles lies in the practical application of the teachings. Based on his own passion for movies, David loves to share mindful movie watching sessions as a way to look at and release negative emotions, judgements and limiting beliefs.

David’s message—which he shares at countless ACIM events—speaks to all regardless of whether their background is religious, spiritual, or scientific. He is as comfortable delving into the metaphysics of the movie The Matrix, as he is pointing to the underlying meaning of the scriptures in the Bible.

David’s own journey involved the study of many pathways, culminating in a deeply committed practical application of A Course in Miracles, of which he is a renowned teacher. His talks have been translated into many languages and taken into the hearts and minds of millions through the intimate style of his books, audios, and videos.

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