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ACIM Spain | Living Miracles is a global non-profit organization. Our lives are devoted to practicing forgiveness, as taught by Jesus in A Course in Miracles. Through trust and following guidance in everyday living, limiting beliefs are transcended in the mind, bringing us into an experience where only love is real. Our organization was founded by mystic David Hoffmeister, whose teachings and practical demonstration of a life devoted to forgiveness are an inspiration to all. We hope that you enjoy our ACIM Spain website, the purpose of which is to extend the message of truth and bless all those who come upon it.


A Course in Miracles Teachings

Discover a new way of watching movies and
experience the path of
Awakening like never before!

Get your headphones and immerse yourself into profound teachings of A Course in Miracles teacher David Hoffmeister.

Dive into an experience of A Course in Miracles with very practical books by David Hoffmeister to guide your way.

Find out more about helpful online resources, like the Spiri App, teaching videos and the Movie Watcher’s Guide to Enlightenment.

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